Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why does every art show need something different?

Why? Why does every art show need something different?

I spent a good part of today filling out art show applications. The first show needed three pictures on a cd. No additional directions. Ok. Wonder how they want them labeled? I'll go with number, artist name, medium. Ya, I've used that one before. Should be fine. Oh, wait. I applied to a show two weeks ago and they did not want any mention of the artist''s name on the image. Hey, they didn't even want the artist's name visible on the booth image. I will go with my first instinct on this show.

On to show number two. They wanted five pictures on a cd plus a booth image. Each picture needed to be labeled with artist name, picture size and purchase price. Artist name on the images must mean it is ok to have my name showing on the booth image. Ok. And an artist bio.

The third show needed five images including the booth image. So they really wanted four images plus a booth image. Pictures were to be labeled with picture name - not artist name. Oh, oh. Back to the booth image with no name visible. Better make sure the booth image name says "booth" and not "Stoltenberg booth". They did not ask for picture size or price data. So I need to re-label the images for this one.

The next show wanted three physical prints of three images. No mention of size, so I printed off a couple of 5x7s. Ok, fire up the printer. No cd's or emails of images accepted. No booth photo nor artist bio requested.

The last show I applied to today wanted four images plus a booth image. Of course, just to be different these could only be accepted via email. This required that I re-size my images from cd size to a much smaller size so they could be emailed. They wanted an artist bio and artist statement, but forgot to mention if they were to be sent via email or snail mail. Hmmm. I guess I will mail it in with the checks.

Now, I'm not looking for complete standardization, but, come on. Five shows with five completely different requirements. I really would have preferred to be out taking more photos today.